Is there anything better than seeing your favourite band play live? For your cha…

Is there anything better than seeing your favourite band play live? For your chance to be entered into our free giveaway of the Black / Champagne / Champagne Fred Perry Shirt, tell us about your most memorable live music experience. Stadium belter or intimate gig at your local independent venue? To enter:

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  1. I waited all night to see Khalid play at my first music festival – Memphis in May. He was so amazing, but didn’t play my fav song so that was kind of a bummer. His back up dancers had some pretty fire pink jumpsuits though 👀.

  2. The Prodigy at Brixton Academy. I was in the front row with my brother…it was such a lively crowd, people were popping off when the intro to Firestarter came in. Security were frantically handing out water especially to me because I’m so small and I could barely breath. Then Keith & Maxim came right up to the fans, everyone went crazy & I got to hug Keith. Best gig of my entire life. I will forever love @theprodigyofficial, @maxim & Keith 🖤🖤🖤

  3. Experience the best gig ever in my life back then in 2008. The band is A. C.A.B performed in Kuala Lumpur it was a local band(Malaysia) with the spirit of MODs culture! Just move to UK recently and now closer to the brand

  4. Hard one between Liam Gallagher at P&Js live last year cause it was the closest I’ll get to seeing oasis, LGs amazing and the place was just buzzing and Miles Kane’s acoustic intimate gig in Fred Perry cause he never fails to be amazing

  5. 2010 stussy deluxe x fredperry 콜라보가 가장 인상깊어요 ㄹㅇ 세계관 최강자들의 싸움 아니냐? 와 진짜 나 고1때 진짜 스투시 디럭스 진짜 보라색 점찍힌거 개사고싶었는데 프레드페리랑 콜라보하더라 진짜 그때 지구파괴하는거 아닌가 싶었다 암튼 최고의 콜라보하니까 진짜 슬프기도 하고 즐겁기도 하고 눈물이난다 ㄹㅇ 진짜 최고의 콜라보

  6. As an avid gig gore and live music fan it’s hard to pick just one. But one that always stands out would be the flaming lips at Cambridge junction. Tiny venue for such an awesome band… it was a feast for the ears and eyes. With masses of multicoloured inflatable balloons, a life sized illuminated unicorn that went through the crowd with Wayne (lead singer) sat on the back throwing out glitter, singing. To him encasing himself into a huge plastic zorb ball and walking over the top of the crowd while singing Bowie’s life on Mars!!! Just the most immense experience ever, it blew my mind. Much more than just a gig, it was like a piece of mad theatre too!! Superb!!! 👌🏼

  7. Oasis and Ocean Colour Scene 1997 concert at “Principe Felipe” stadium in Zaragoza (Spain), when I was 17 years old, there was a french truckers’ strike and elements of the stage were missing… Never again came back 😭 I still remember “the river boat song” direct, Ocean did it better! 🖤 (I wait for Blur and Elastica but never came… ☹️) F*ck, I speak like an old woman 🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. It prolly has to be Noisia at Roskilde Festival 2017, it was one of the last gigs of the festival and all of my friends had already headed home, but despite that, the energy of the artists and the crowd was on another level, what an experience!

  9. Queen in the late 80s in Berlin Waldbuehne. I won a ticket for free , was not a fan and obviously the only one with a fred perry shirt. Afterwards i became a fan of them.

  10. @fredperry my most memorable music event was in may 2010 when my sister took me to The Thekla (A BOAT) in Bristol to see The Beat for my 18th. I had no idea who or what we were seeing. I was the youngest in there but I skanked my whole night. Ranking Roger sang happy birthday to me and at the end of the night he gave me his VERY wet t-shirt signed it happy birthday and is now dry and stored in my memory box #thebeat #RIPrankingroger

  11. Grace Jones in Brighton last year; stellar performance from an absolute powerhouse who does continues to shun status quo. Great music and wonderful show. Superb memories with wonderful company. Unforgettable.

  12. busting my nose at black flag at the mill in brum orrrr crowd surfing to the stage and singing with amyl and the sniffers at hare and hounds in brum. two of the best gigs i’ve ever been toooooo fam 🥵🐁🧷

  13. @fredperry @brmcofficial By far my most memorable live gig experience was my first, it was 2003 and i was 17. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at The Empire. We were right at the front and got pulled up on stage mid set. We got to watch from the stage and partied with the guys after! Absolute gents. Fast forward to 2018 and my cousin had lead singer Robert Turner sing at her wedding. Still love them as much now as I ever have. Spread your Love like a Fever! #BRMC #FredPerry

  14. My most memorable live music experience was with a Portuguese artist named Richie Campbell and it was the most memorable because of the vibe that the artist transmitted and the Meo arena was full of people so it was very exiting

  15. There’s been so many! Remember watching @thehorrors at Leeds Festival about 10 years ago. The generator blew up and the crowd finished the song in the pitch black. I had was lucky enough to be watching from the side of the stage. Massive goose bump moment.

  16. Most memorable gig in my book was Shambolics sold out gig at the Windsor Hotel, Kirkcaldy – March 2018. The hotel function room is around 300-400 capacity and was full of mad, drunken Scots. From the abusive bouncers trying to chokeslam everyone in the moshpits, to stage invasions and crowd surfers at the bands last song, When She Goes Home, it was a night of madness from start to finish. Anyone who was at that gig will know it was a night to remember and that afterparty was something else that I can’t even describe. It’s true that a gig that costs you £6 could be much better than forking out a three-figure sum to see bands like The Rolling Stones x

  17. My best live music experience was the so called “Felsenburg Festival” 2019 in Bad Segeberg, Germany. There were four bands playing very nice music this evening! Best wishes from Mecklenburg Prepomerania, Mathis.✌🏻

  18. Korpiklaani y tyr en el año 2001 en santiago fue mi primer concierto, aunque uno de los más icónicos fue el 2018 cuando Morrissey cantó en el Movistar Arena.

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