Loved at the forefront of street fashion, the BAPE STA was born in 2000 as the i…

Loved at the forefront of street fashion, the BAPE STA™ was born in 2000 as the iconic sneaker that symbolizes A BATHING APEⓇ. With its star-shaped “STA” logo on the sides, its wide variation of colorways and designs became a hit, attracting numerous famous artists. This timeless masterpiece will celebrate its 20th anniversary in the year of 2020, where never-before-seen styles will be available. In addition to the timeless classics like the solid black and white standard pairs as well as the ABC CAMO and shark motif models, new versions will be released with leopard and zebra animal designs and even an upgraded shark motif model. Exclusive models and collaborations fit for the 20th anniversary will also be released in the future. Keep your eyes on the BAPE STA™ trends in 2020. #BAPESTA



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  1. Ya niggas will buy anything. They just rebrand something with a different logo thats been out for like almost 50 years now and ya all like “omfg this is the best shoe ever etf i have to have it” and this is why fashion aint goin nowhere anytime soon

  2. My aunt was supposed to get me a pair of these for my birthday as a kid and she never got them for me… 🤧🙄 Luckily I can get them myself now!

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