New @rodneymullen “African Mask” hit up your local shop or online at @thankyous…

New @rodneymullen “African Mask” 🔥 hit up your local shop or online at @thankyousupply ✨💨


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  1. Next time you make something like this, extend yourself to the culture. Africa is a gigantic continent with so many countries and cultures. We Africans from various countries are tired of being lumped in together, misunderstood and misappropriated. Especially if you, a VERY socially responsible company, is going to profit from it. Represent the Masaai of East Africa (Kenya and Tanzania) and include a little pamphlet with a fun fact about the Masaai, something like this is more befitting of Almost. Forgive me if I’m brash, my intent is to inform, as opposed to insult.💯

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