Spring into action. The #NOVABLAST shoe is here. Tap to shop….

Spring into action. The #NOVABLAST shoe is here. Tap to shop.


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  1. I have a complaint about them telling me they had it in the store in the meat packing NY and they didn’t very disappointed I just send you guys a DM @asics

  2. Ran in mine today for the first time! Great trainer, very light but with great support 👍 only downside – why are the laces so short?? I had to stop twice to redo them🙄 never had to do that before with my other Asics 😕

  3. These feel great! ASICS..What is with the 2 mm of outsole on the bottom?
    I will wear these through in 150 miles . I guess that was on purpose to suggest we buy more ASICS

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