This is just the beginning. Hit the link in bio for more from our Chief Marketin…

This is just the beginning. Hit the link in bio for more from our Chief Marketing Officer, Jen Sey, on how we are supporting our employees and communities in need around the world.


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  1. @levis but are you paying your employees when you can’t allow them to work or when they need to be home because they have children or are immunocompromised? Don’t pat yourselves on the back unless you are serving first the community that serves you! Are your employees able to pay their rent, mortgages, utilities and groceries?

  2. There is no reason to wear clothing or accessories made from abused animals and that devastate the environment and the pubblic health, please abide by your values by switching to vegan leather immediately!

  3. This company speaks of empathy, how about showing some empathy to cows who are beatened, skinned alive & confined just so they can make leather patches for their pants. Until then, everything they say is a lie…

  4. Hi @levis @levis_in We should stop stop selling leather products and look for its alternative. We know how the Covid spread from wet markets. Unnecessary killing of animals only leads to disruption and moreover modern humans don’t need these.

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