We know how important small businesses are: we were one. Help us support them by…

We know how important small businesses are: we were one. Help us support them by buying a pair of their bespoke Custom Vans through the “Foot The Bill” initiative. Net proceeds go directly to each partner during this difficult time.



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  1. I know two small businesses that would be great matches for this! Ohana Board Shop in San Jose, CA @ohanaboardshop and Miso Phat Sushi @misophatsushi in Maui, HI.

  2. @odibellamusic could use some dope vans designed to help #footthebill while they keep the community #rockinthequarantine 💙💙💙 @sdibella17 @katiedibella @velocimoose

  3. Hey Guys! I was having a hard time sending my video. I sent it to the customer service email with a youtube link to the vid. Talked to customer service and they said the website was having trouble uploading videos. The video is 318MB so it’s not too big. Hope you can count my email submission! Thank you

  4. Awesome idea ! As a skate shop owner in france for close to 18 years it should be awesome to help us too and propose this program worldwide!

  5. The Foot the Bill page is still not uploading files. We’ve been trying for an hour. Giving a zip file a try right now. Customer service via telephone is only available during regular business hours.

  6. Hi there! We also tried to submit (I hope it worked) ! We just emailed and DM’d our video submission via a Dropbox link to share. We did not receive confirmation that the video uploaded so we wanted to give this way a try. Thank you so much for offering this amazing opportunity to small businesses right now!! ❤️

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