With a strong desire to rep his Italian heritage, Milan-based Domenico is a grap…

With a strong desire to rep his Italian heritage, Milan-based Domenico is a graphic designer and visual artist who applies gritty elements as a backdrop for his dynamic, kinesthetic work. ⁣⁠⠀
“I’m always inspired by what surrounds me. In particular, I really like places under construction, so I wanted to shoot this in places where new spaces are being built—where something new is being born.” ⁣⁠⠀
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  1. Hi, nice to know about your company more on instagram. Hope you can help with my situation during this hard time. I am an artist from Shanghai and currently in New York making my project based on a kind of traditional Shanghainese building, Shikumen. When I was 16, I met actor and director Xu Zheng’s mother who suggested me studying abroad. I lived alone in Shenzhen for one year and studied in New York. When my photography project was not seen by the public, Nam june Paik’s relative talked to me at the Rubin Museum. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2018. The art director Jia Zhangke appreciated my avant-garde work and suggested me contacting filmmakers in Shanghai for feature film. My health had My script was close to Ang Lee’s talk and invented some 3D editing techniques. Some mid career actors will join the project. My ideas can be books in the future according to some scholars, such as the chair of SVA MFA Art Practice program and the director of programming at Film at Lincoln Center. Hopefully you can help with my work. Recently my passport and wallet were stolen and my family is just kind to me after in mental hospital for three weeks. A patient from the Spiderman film would like to collaborate after discharge. I was lost in a street and was saved by my uncle. Now the hotel has some problems as well. Thanks so much and wish you healthy.

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