You can’t go wrong with the timeless black + white combo trousers: XT120-01X bl…

You can’t go wrong with the timeless black + white combo 🔎 trousers: XT120-01X blazer: XT122-01X top: ZI736-99X (soon) #SummerSunrise #ReservedForMe


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  1. Hello! You have the most disgusting customer service in the universe with the most disinterested managers / operators / managers / logisticians. I am very sad that I used your services and became your client. I am very upset. I’ve been trying to contact you on all possible contacts for more than two weeks, and I don’t get any help, no solution to my problem. It is the fifth week of quarantine in Moscow. A million companies of various sizes managed to restructure and adapt to modern realities. You and your service for 5 weeks as they were at the bottom, and remain. Very sad.

  2. I’m so sorry, but Russian client-service especially in Moscow is absolutely awful. It’s absolutely impossible to connect with stuff. I’ve tried to call already 14 day. And they canceled my call every time I become the next one in queue. Every time after 10-15 minutes of my waiting. I sent emails. I tried to chat. I have wrote in Instagram. And I still don’t get any help. I’ve made an order. The courier had to visit me 13.04. Today is 27.04. Nothing happened. No calls, no messages, no visitors, no answers. It’s impossible to get my money back. I’m so sad to be your client. Nice clothes, awful system.

  3. Dear Reserved Company!
    You show extreme disrespect for your customers who, under quarantine conditions, place orders with you, thereby forming your turnover!
    Customer support phone is not working! He’s just off!
    What time I would not call (from 8:30 in the morning), the answering machine makes you wait 8-10 minutes, then resets!
    You do not answer letters either!
    2 letters written! I ask you to urgently contact me by phone Order 301269829
    The check was not given
    Exchange required Otherwise, I will write a complaint to Rospotrebnadzor.

  4. Здравствуйте, на письма и звонки не отвечаете. Что значит статус заказа нереализованный, т.е. он отменен?

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