“PSA” @virgilabloh made @off_____white with the intention for it to not just exi…

“PSA” @virgilabloh made @off_____white™ with the intention for it to not just exist as a fashion label but a vehicle to tell stories i personally find important. on this occasion of the @off____white™ Jordan “4” im keen to announce a partnership with @englewoodbarbie a young woman from my hometown making a tangible difference in Chicago by her own grassroots efforts.⁣ [advocacy]

for this local release of the creme Jordan “4”, we’re partnering with @Notre to support @englewoodbarbie’s HugsNoSlugs to continue on-the-ground work she is doing feed those in need and make safe places amid the cities gun violence.⁣


a message from HugsNoSlugs founder Aleta Clarke aka @englewoodbarbie: “HugsNoSlugs aims to restore hope in Chicago by leading with love. We’re under the viaduct in rain, sleet, and snow reminding the people that live under there that they are loved and not forgotten, opening up a Covid-19 relief center so that the community can come and receive free groceries, gloves, and masks daily, mentoring middle and highschool students, helping families who lost their children to senseless gun violence pay for funerals, facilitating a GED program so that anyone that wants a second chance can have one, and more. Poverty-stricken communities all over the world are missing people that truly care and fight consistently, day in and day out. I’m that person—not only will I see the struggle all the way through until the light shines, but I’m able to galvanize the people to support me. With these funds I will open another safe house. The goal is to have 10 throughout the city. I will continue to purchase groceries and furnish the safe house with refrigerators and freezers to store the food. This donation will also help me feed friends living under the viaduct on 51st and Wentworth from October 4th until April 20th. I’m out there the entire winter making sure they have a hot meal, 7 days a week, 7 months straight. I provide new clothing, blankets, and haircuts. I normally feed between 19-40 people a night.”⁣

link to donate and enter raffle via @Notre link in bio.


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