What Are People Wearing in New York? (Fashion Trends)

What are people wearing in New York? The fashion trends of 2023 in this city are always changing, so it can be hard to keep up. In this video, we take a look at some of the latest styles and what you can expect to see on the streets of NYC!

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Join me in the 22nd episode of What Are People Wearing as we take a look at the hottest new spring fashion trends in New York City for 2023. I’ll be featuring streetwear outfits 2023 that inspire New Yorkers, as well as the top 2023 streetwear brands that are making amazing threads in the fashion industry. We’ll be exploring the stylish streets of Soho including Prince Street, Mercer Street, Canal Street, Lower East Side, and Lafayette Street to get a glimpse of what stylish New Yorkers are wearing. But we’re not just looking at the fashion street style; we’ll also be checking out the 2023 streetwear design that is shifting the world. This episode is sure to be a blast for the fashion heads, featuring the latest Streetwear 2023 Womens fashion trends and the most unique Soho street style. Don’t miss out on all the excitement of New York Fashion Week 2023 (do we even like NYFW?) and the energy of nyc style makers as they show off their style!

Music by FreezyTheGOAT.


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