What Are People Wearing in New York? (Thrift With Me 2023)

What are people wearing in New York? Thrift With Me 2023 takes you on a journey to find out! In this video, we explore the thrift shops of NYC and take a look at some of the best fashion finds in the city.

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Join me in the 19th episode of What Are People Wearing as we take a look at the hottest thrifty fashion trends in New York City for 2023. I’ll be featuring streetwear outfits 2023 that are sure to move heads, as well as the top 2023 streetwear brands and spring outfits for 2023 that are being shared in the Greenpoint Brooklyn world. We’ll be exploring the trendy streets of Greenpoint, Washington Square Park, and Williamsburg to get a glimpse of what the stylish locals are wearing. But we’re not just looking at the fashion; we’ll also be checking out the 2023 streetwear design that is taking the world by storm. This episode is sure to be a feast for the fashion drip, featuring the latest Streetwear 2023 mens fashion trends and the freshest Williamsburg street style from thrift with me goodwill type spots (lol). We call it Beacon’s Closet! Don’t miss out on all the excitement of New York Fashion Week 2023 (it’s been over and long gone now lol) and the energy of the nyc local vintage thrifters as they show off their style!


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