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Sue Clowes is a British textile designer. In 1979, Clowes began selling hand-pai…

Sue Clowes is a British textile designer. In 1979, Clowes began selling hand-painted and silkscreened pieces out of a stall at Camden Lock Market, later opening her own clothing shop in Kensington Market. In 1982, Clowes was approached by New Romantic band Culture Club to design a collection for The Foundry, where Boy George designed window displays. The partnership popularized Clowes’s cross-cultural pieces, printed with religious iconography and bold, colorful patterns. Clowes’s work was included in Susanne Bartsch’s influential New London in New York, an exposition of emerging British club fashion that brought BodyMap and Leigh Bowery to the Limelight in 1984. By the end of the decade, Clowes moved to Italy to work with engineering research teams on developing wearable technologies. Her work with alloys and natural fibers has been recognized by the scientific community.

Supreme has worked with Sue Clowes on a collection featuring Clowes’s original artwork from the early 1980s. The collection consists of a Jacket, Shirt, Ringer Tee, Chino Pant and 5-Panel.

Available April 27th.

Available in Japan April 29th.


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