We took inspiration from our archives for some of the denim pieces we love best….

We took inspiration from our archives for some of the denim pieces we love best. Head to our stories to see how we brought 2020 feels to ’90s nostalgia.


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  1. You canceled my entire order and said items are not available when the majority of them are currently still on your website (for a higher price🤔). You also never gave back the $5 in rewards that I used when I placed my order. I’ve tried calling and after waiting a long time I hung up. I’ve emailed and only received a bot response. Please advise.

  2. Tried all your social media (fb, insta, etc), tried calling (on hold for an hour every day for two weeks), tried your online chat, tried everything! And no response. I never received my order. I want a refund of my $50. Am I really gonna have to sue you guys over $50??!

  3. Hello… i’ve tried Twitter, I’ve tried direct messaging, I’ve called countless times, I went into a gap store, I need someone to help me with an order. I’ve tried calling eight times, sometimes I was even on hold for 40 minutes and still never got through, I’ve tried to chat, still no one will answer. Can I get some help?

  4. I have bought a Full Sleeve T-shirt from nnnnow GAP official online shopping site . I wore T- shirt only 2 times and when I washed It the second time. Colour of the t shirt got fade away .
    This kind of cheap dyeing from such a big brand was not expected.
    Kindly look into this matter.

  5. @gap I’ve tried nearly all I can think to try. Ordered some items earlier in the month, didn’t receive one. Emailed to say it shipped, but tracking says only a label created. Been on hold for almost an hour trying to talk to a customer service agent. The “online chat” will not connect. No email option, so I’m trying social media. I order far to much and far too frequently for this to be how you guys treat customers. Thankfully i rarely need assistance but this is beyond ridiculous!

  6. Hey @gap just curious do you make it impossible to cancel an order and take 3 weeks to ship something all of the time? Only been trying to cancel you charged me twice for for a week. Good job having any customer service department! For a failing industry you may want to try to keep your remaining customers even quasi appeased.

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