‘Woman shot dead’ after pro-Trump mob storms US Capitol

Police have confirmed that a woman who was shot earlier during the Capitol riots has died due to her injuries.

Earlier today supporters massed outside Congress – and then forced their way in – leading to the suspension of the session which was due to confirm Joe Biden as the next President.

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  1. 1) Stupid for true Trump supporters to enter capital, completely undermines all we've accomplished.
    2) What mainstream won't report, bus loads of antifa agitators in MAGA camouflage contributed to the hysteria.
    3) Regardles of lawsuit outcomes, there were many, many election irregularities in several states. Opposition oversight was not permitted during ballots counting.
    4) Absentee ballots, good vs unsecured universal mail in ballots.
    5) Dismissing election fraud because "..it's always gone on" is irresponsible and dangerous!

  2. I'm sure there were many pro trumpers there. I also think it's very possible that there were people that were not Trump supporters causing this mayhem. I've never seen Republicans , or true Democrats act this appalling . There are factions on the left and right that do. It was said many times that antifa, BLM was infiltrated by the right to cause trouble , so it is plausible that it was here also. I'm not taking sides and I do believe Trump as president should have been more involved to prevent such things . We all know there is a lot of players in politics these days. I don't blame all Dems nor do I blame all Republicans. I blame all citizens including my self for letting get to this point especially washington politicians…
    Just my opinions , I can't believe America has fallen down the rabbit hole that far. Rome (America) has fallen!

  3. And these people need trump to be president because why? I don’t get it he’s a liar a horrible speaker horrible leader freakin he gets nothing done golfs all the time COME ON AMERICA CAN DO BETTER THAN TRUMP WAKE UP

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